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Special products.

Specials for cheese makers & vegan food producers

Signature cheese 

Create your own signature cheese. We can imprint your logo and brand name in a marking ring or in a marking plate.
Placing it in your existing moulds during pressing creates your own unique branded cheese. 

Smart moulds

Do you want to keep track of the moulds in your production line? We can equip your (current) moulds with tags, enabling you to scan & read all the information you need.
Providing full control and a quick overview from a distance. 

Acidification & resting moulds

Acidification or resting moulds are ideal for when your freshly pressed cheese need time to meet the right pH level prior to brining. It's a cost friendly solution because of the purely functional design whilst securing the shape and grooving pattern. On top of that, the pressing moulds will be available sooner for a new charge of curd blocks. 

Whey trays

Whey is a valuable by-product of cheese (or the other way around). Want to catch that valuable pressing whey and keep your press clean?
Or catch the excess whey during acidification, keeping your freshly pressed cheeses clean? Contact us to learn more about whey trays.  

Plastic parts for food industry equipment

From plastic curd rakes to stir and evenly distribute your curd batch, to new plastic parts for your production line equipment.
We produce all kinds of plastic parts which are suitable for food production.

Vegan food producers

Need moulds for manual or (semi-) automated vegan food production? Moulds for vegan cheese or meat replacers, we have the expertise to design fully custom-made moulds for vegan foods. So, if you are a vegan food producer you're at the right address! 

Please contact us to learn all about the possibilities for your situation.