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Whey Tray

Our story.

Why you should work with us

We believe in products that are universally applicable, yet adaptable for every imaginable environment found in the process of cheese making.

Raising industry standards

We pride ourselves on delivering the desired results in an ever-changing industry. Our cheese moulds are the result of years of research and innovation, which can be seen in our new solutions aimed at making the perfectly-shaped traditional hard or semi-hard cheese.

Environmental sustainability

Our cheese moulds are crafted with great consideration for the environment. Our factory exceeds industry standards and waste from the production-process is carefully gathered, distributed and repurposed as material for secondary processes.

Universally applicable yet fully adaptable

No two factories are the same, and the same applies to our moulds. Our product is specifically made to be used within the industrial environment of each individual client, thus utilising the full potential of every imaginable industrial cheese-making process and delivering perfectly-shaped traditional Gouda and Edam cheese.

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What makes us unique? 

  • Dedication to innovation
  • Adaptable for every type of machinery
  • Lifelong advice and support
  • Highest quality materials available in the industry
  • Worldwide shipping

Get in touch.

We believe in establishing and growing personal relationships with our customers. Start yours today by getting in touch and discovering how our cheese moulds can benefit your business.