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Our industrial cheese moulds


Sustainability, our moral obligation

Being world’s leading plastic cheese mould manufacturer, we see it as our moral obligation to do the maximum possible in sustainability, evaluating our carbon footprint in all our business processes.


To ensure that we as a company do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint, our ISO certification also serves as a guidance here. One of the ISO pillars is the ISO 14001– Environmental Management System, in which all internal- and external procedures are documented to manage the impact of company activities on the environment. With this certification we have a full understanding of our environmental activities, enabling us to continue to strive to reduce our carbon footprint through our plan – do – check – act approach. 

Secondly, we are obliged to follow the regulations of our local authorities to save energy, working according to a list of energy saving measures. A couple of examples of energy saving measures we took are: reduction of compressed air in the factory, transition to usage of led lighting, implementation of a heat pump boiler and a heat recovery system. The upcoming energy saving project will be the optimization of our waste extraction unit.


We can proudly say we have a full circle when it comes to recycling, as our production waste is carefully being collected and reused by our suppliers. Our cheese moulds themselves are quite sustainable too, with a lifetime of up to 20 and sometimes even 30 years (!). That is not it, because thereafter our cheese moulds often find a second life on the market. To complete the recycling circle, we offer our customers a service to recycle old cheese moulds through one of our partners.

In 2022 Laude joined the ReVink program, Vink is the leading distributor of semi-finished plastics in Europe, with a full focus on sustainability. Therefore, Vink has integrated corporate responsibility in every single business process in their organization. Click here to read full story.

Waste extraction units

Our production waste streams are carefully gathered, distributed and are repurposed as material for secondary processes by our long-term plastics suppliers. Traditionally recycled plastics are used for lower graded plastic products or to win back energy by heat recovery systems.

By participating in the ReVink progam, waste streams of our high graded Laude HQ-PE and HQ-PP, are recycled into high quality granulate, preventing the downgrading of materials. To do so, the gathering and sorting of the plastic waste stream needs to be flawless. Our factory is equipped to manage waste streams by extraction units which are directly connected to our production machinery, gathering and sorting plastic waste per type in big bags. 

Therewith our production waste streams can be used for multiple purposes, from lower- to higher graded secondary products, enlarging the scope of the circular process of plastics.

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