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Our industrial cheese moulds

Our cheese moulds.

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High quality moulds for every type of production line.

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Excellence in cheesemoulding.

Made to measure, sharing one common trait: the exceptional quality of the finished product.

Top quality products

Our moulds are designed to deliver the perfectly- shaped traditional cheese.

  • Lifetime of moulds ( > 20 years) due to high quality material and strong design;
  • High quality cheese with good rind;
  • Flexibility in grooving and micro perforation patterns;
  • Flexibility in mould-design;
  • Reliable and no maintenance costs;
  • Knowledge of mould making and cheese pressing;
  • High service level;
  • Focus on cleanability of moulds.


Designed for excellence

Every cheese factory is unique, and so are our moulds. Our products are made for use in an infinite variation of environments, and are made to measure according to the specific temperatures and pressures that will be used in any given industrial environment.

  • Custom-made moulds
  • Special recipe of plastics ensuring performance in every environment
  • Designed to meet every specific demand of industrial cheese making

Increased efficiency

Custom-made moulds increase efficiency, thus reducing costs.

Less cleaning

Completely welded moulds reduce time spent on cleaning while maintaining high hygienic standards.

Highly durable & fully recycable 

Designed to last for decades in all production environments, yet a full circle when it comes to recycling. Used up moulds and production waste of new moulds is fully recycled, all recycled material is being re-used. 

Universally applicable

Customized to work with every brand of machinery in every industrial environment.


For the best product

Best quality rind

Latest technologie

Innovative production


Save money

Long lifetime

Worldwide coverage

Global delivery


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