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About Laude.

Our history

Our history is evidence of 60 years of innovation and cheesemoulding excellence. In times of constant change, our company remains committed to its core values: offering the highest quality moulds by adapting and innovating.

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Our story

We believe in a product that is universally applicable, yet adaptable for every imaginable environment found in the process of cheese making.

Where we stand for

Our sales team

You'll get a lifelong support with our cheese moulds. Our experienced sales team is dedicated providing solutions and aims to serve our customers in the best possible way. 

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Our slogan excellence in cheesemoulding says it all, quality is what we stand for. Whether it is product quality or the quality in our organization, we always strive to perform according to the highest quality standards.  

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Using the ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System as a guidance, we have a full understanding of our environmental activities. It enables us to reduce our carbon footprint continuously. 

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We believe in establishing and growing personal relationships with our customers. Start yours today by getting in touch and discovering how our cheese moulds can benefit your business.