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Laude's downloads

Download our cheese mould guidelines, declaration of conformities for our HQ-PE and HQ-PP plastics and Tetra Pak policies here. 
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    Laude Commissioning Guidelines DE/EN/NL 
          Cheese mould first usage instructions

    Laude Cleaning Guidelines EN 
          Cheese mould cleaning instructions

    Laude Declaration of Confirmity HQ-PE plastics EN 
          Declaration statement that Laude PE plastics are suitable for food

    Laude Declaration of Confirmity HQ-PP plastics EN 
          Declaration statement that Laude PP plastics are suitable for food

    Tetra Pak Group Environmental Policy
          Our Tetra Pak brand promise PROTECTS WHATS GOOD™ drives our approach to sustainability & environment

    Tetra Laval Group Code of Business Conduct
          All Tetra Pak employees comply with the rules of corporate behaviour in this Code of Business Conduct

         Tetra Laval Whistle Blowing
          This reporting channel can be used to report any suspected or observed violations of the law of Alfa Laval's Business Principles

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