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Afbeelding 1 van Gouda 12 kg

Gouda 12 kg

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Flexibility in the cheese factory is essential to add value to your cheese. One of the methods is to produce multiple cheese shapes with only 1 production line. This is possible with combination moulds. These moulds have the same outside dimensions, so they can all be handled in the same production line. The inside dimensions are different, and this makes it possible to produce different shapes. 

As an addition, the moulds can be marked with for example a color. In this case we gave the support bars of the different models another color. This makes the moulds visually distinguishable in the production line

What makes us unique?

  • Custom made cheese moulds
  • Highest quality materials
  • A passion for delivering the perfect shaped cheese
  • Lifelong advice and support
  • Worldwide delivery and support


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